Homemade Mango Pickle made with Gingelly Oil Andhra style


Discover the delectable taste of our Homemade Mango Pickle, featuring:

  • Handpicked mangoes infused with the rich aroma of Gingelly Oil.
  • Crafted with care using a traditional recipe.
  • Free from preservatives, colors, and artificial flavors.
  • Offers a burst of authentic homemade flavor in every spoonful.
  • Versatile condiment perfect for pairing with rice, bread, or snacks.
  • Experience the pure delight of Meenakshi Recipe’s Mango Pickle – a true taste of tradition.”
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Indulge in the rich and tangy flavours of our Homemade Mango Pickle, made with premium-quality mangoes and infused with the aromatic goodness of Gingelly Oil. Known as “mango achaar” or “avakaya” in Telugu, our pickle is a beloved delicacy cherished for its authentic taste and traditional preparation methods. Whether you call it “avakai,” “avakkai,” or “avakai pickle,” our homemade creation promises to delight your taste buds with every bite. Handcrafted with care and expertise, it’s the perfect accompaniment to your meals, adding a burst of flavour to rice, rotis, and snacks alike. Made with the best mangoes for pickle, and sourced locally to ensure freshness and quality, our Andhra Mango Pickle is a testament to the culinary excellence of the region. Don’t miss out on this Andhra pickle near you! Order our Andhra Avakaya Pickle online today and experience the true essence of homemade achar delivered right to your doorstep.

The Homemade Mango Pickle made with Gingelly Oil offers a multitude of benefits:

  1. Authentic Flavor: Experience the genuine taste of homemade pickle, with each bite bursting with the rich, tangy flavor of handpicked mangoes and the distinct aroma of Gingelly Oil.
  2. Natural Ingredients: Crafted with care using natural ingredients, this pickle contains no preservatives, colors, or artificial flavors, ensuring a wholesome and healthy addition to your meals.
  3. Nutritional Value: Gingelly Oil, also known as sesame oil, adds a unique nutty flavor and is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, enhancing the nutritional profile of the pickle.
  4. Traditional Recipe: Rooted in tradition, this pickle is prepared using time-tested techniques, preserving the authentic taste and cultural heritage of Indian cuisine.
  5. Versatile: Pair it with a variety of dishes such as rice, bread, or snacks, or use it as a flavorful condiment to elevate the taste of your favorite meals.
  6. Homemade Goodness: Enjoy the satisfaction of indulging in homemade goodness, knowing that each jar is crafted with love and expertise by Meenakshi Recipe, bringing the taste of home to your table.
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